Bulk & Flexible Range

Our new UN approved flexible bag, to carry hazardous liquids, is shaped to fit easily into a UN corrugated box and complements the Hybrid Cubed bulk sized bag in box that we stock. Both offer huge environmental benefits as well as big reductions in disposal costs.

Fentons still supply new and reconditioned IBC’s to carry bulk liquids together with custom manufactured FIBC’s (Big Bags) for powders and granules.

Bag in Box

  • 10 & 20 litre certified for UN Group 2 liquids.
  • Enhanced flat and filled palletisation
  • Significant storage and handling savings
  • Excellent presentation, superb for branding and printing
  • Efficient transportation
  • Saves costs across the supply chain
  • Reduced packaging waste
  • Strength, reliability and increased integrity
  • Excellent barrier qualities
  • Fills and pours efficiently
  • Available from stock


  • 500/1000L Bag in Box
  • More cost effective when compared to drums and IBC’s
  • Easily assembled and will collapse flat for disposal
  • Compatible with all filling and discharge processes
  • Savings in storage space
  • Fully recyclable and recoverable materials
  • Tested and accredited by the most demanding bodies – ISTA and DEKRA

IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers)

  • Ideal and cost effective packaging solution for bulk liquids
  • New or reconditioned containers available
  • UN certification for both new and rebottled supplies
  • Pressure and leak testing on all containers supplied
  • Range of pallet types
  • Anti-static version available


  • Sewing threads and loops are available in various colours
  • We can offer up to three-colour print design for 1-4 sides
  • FIBC's have a safe working load "SWL" - up to 2000kg of material
  • FIBC's are available in a wide range of sizes
  • FIBC's have various filling and discharging systems
  • All FIBC’s are tested and certified
  • FIBC's are available in various styles including "standard" (a classic four point bag for miscellaneous use) and "U.N." (a special group of bags used when transporting dangerous materials)


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